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Customer support add-on for ExpressionEngine

  • manage customer e-mails and web enquries
  • reply to enquries directly from ExpressionEngine
  • delegate them to responsible Helpdesk users
  • post private notes and change statuses
  • publish communication into EE channel
  • EE2 & MSM compatible
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Helpdesk for ExpressionEngine is a simple and powerful add-on that enables ExpressionEngine powered sites to run their own customer service platform. Gather e-mails from a selected mailbox and enquiries submitted from the web into a shared inbox in ExpressionEngine. Reply to messages or delegate them to other Helpdesk users. Publish your communication into EE channel entries. And more »

"We have loved the move to this add-on. We use it at Dev-Demon to manage all of our support. The system has been crucial to managing our support requests. We attempted many hosted solutions and found this solution to just be the most affordable and easiest to manage." — Brad Parscale,
"If you’re looking for my one line recommendation, it is this: buy a copy of HelpDesk." — Isaac Raway from The Nerdery & MetaSushi @EE Insider

Receive customer service enquiries sent by e-mail through the web.

Helpdesk receives emails from your mailbox and enquiries submitted through the web, and stores them in a shared inbox located in EE. Learn more...

Reply to messages or delegate them to other helpdesk agents.

You can reply to any message via e-mail or through the control panel, add a private note or delegate it to another helpdesk agent.

Publish communication into ExpressionEngine Channel.

You can start building your own knowledgebase by publishing your communication into regular ExpressionEngine channels. Learn more...

Customize ticket fields, automatic e-mail notifications & more.

You can create custom fields to gather additional details from your clients and customize the text of automatic e-mail notifications.


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